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RPA Certification Training

RPA Certification Training RPA allows organizations to better understand the customer through breakthrough RPA programmes. It provides businesses and businesses with greater efficiency in the workplace. In order to detect customer behavior, in real-time analysis and changes in every activity, RPA will provide high-quality data that can use substantive marketing intelligence and business intelligence, all of these taking charge of robotic software. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the market - leading instrument for blue prism. It offers more agility for businesses and companies in the working environment. RPA supports you in increasing revenue, customer satisfaction and automated commercial and intelligence marketing. Eduprism offers RPATraining to help students get RPA receivables and start up a career in IT.
Eduprism’s RPA Master Program and Certification Training will help you pass the BLUE PRISM certification exam, Automation anywhere certification exam and UI path certification exam. Learn RPA directly from RPA experts who’ve helped thousands of Job seekers to start a career in RPA. Participants of this Job Assured RPA training program will get a direct opportunity to appear for interviews with clients of Eduprism. Our expert staffing team will be with you at every step of your interview preparation and job search.


Students will be able to: After this course:


  • 1. Differentiate the three different tools in RPA
  • 2. Understand UI path
  • 3. Understand BLUE PRISM
  • 4. Understand Automation Anywhere
  • 5. Define high-quality data that can use consequential Marketing Intelligence
  • 6. .Business Intelligence to identify the customer behaviour
  • 7. Understand the growth in revenue, customer satisfaction
  • 8. Explain automated business and marketing intelligence method
  • 9. Describe different tools
  • 10. Able to reduce the human errors.

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1000+ Career Fast-tracked

150+ Projects Completed

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Eduprism provides 100% placement assistance in Bangalore, India. with live projects and case studies integrated with our curriculum makes Eduprism one of the RPA training Institute. Our RPA Training helps students to gain practical knowledge and succeed as an expert RPA developer. he Eduprism RPA Master Program gives an in-depth understanding and advanced knowledge of the most important channels and includes real-world projects and industry use cases for gaining domain experience to make you job ready. Eduprism’s RPA Training in Bangalore will help you to get certified, hands-on expertise in managing and and investigating exceptions, Identifying and communicating the technical implementation requirements.

Our RPA Certification training will help you learn three different RPA tools, and educate you the core administrative and development features of RPA. You’ll learn analytics and customization skills to alter the system for your specific implementation and master the declarative capabilities of the robotic process automation.

More than 5 Million jobs are available by 2020 for automation and robotics industry.

The market for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) amounted to US $ 0,77 billion in 2014, with a forecast annual compound growth rate (CAGR) of 60,42 percent for the predicted period expected at around USD 54,39 billion by 2023

an average of $41,303 to $87,294 a year for RPA professionals in 2018. Organizations contending to procure the predetermined number of RPA professionals will offer up to $1 million every year.

Top Industries

Economic sectors that adopted RPA technology and generate jobs include.

  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Manufacturing
  • Telecommunications

The main categories of RPA are:

  • Blueprism developer
  • UI path developer
  • Automation anywhere developer

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Modules Covered

Mod 1 : RPA Fundamentals

Mod 2 :Benefits of RPA

Mod 3 : Uses of RPA

Mod 4 : RPA usages

Mod 5 : RPA tools

Mod 6 : Advantages & Disadvantages

Mod 7 : Tools Comparison

Mod 8 : Architecture of RPA

Mod 9 : UI of RPA

Eduprism Process

Eduprism's Job Assured training program is designed by industry experts with 20+ years of expertise.
Our Program helps latest skills, Learn best Practices and earn must have Certifications


Sainath Reddy

" The course covered both the essentials and advance concept using hands-on approach to deal with various queries about Salesforce Platform. Best part is that I could approach the trainer for any clarifications anytime and he would respond promptly with the answers which was extremely useful.


Mukesh Kumar

The mentor was great. This was the best instructional course I encountered. The trainer used real life use cases and the clarification he gave was extremely useful. I will definitely recommend Eduprism for Salesforce Training.

Student Testimonials



The training sessions for digital marketing were extremely helpful. I have completed my course from Eduprism with Google Certifications, which was really helpful getting into my present job. I'm very fortunate to have got such an instructor, he explained in a very elaborative way and never stopped until every participant is clear on the topic. Thank you for the support.


The trainer was excellent. This was the best training session in my 5 years of experience. The trainer used real life use cases, and the explanation provided was very helpful to understand. Frequent, repetitive review of key subject-matter has been useful to burn key concepts into memory. Interaction with other classmates has been enjoyable.