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Salesforce Certification Process

Process of Salesforce Certification:

To be a Salesforce Developer one should be certified with Salesforce Admin and Salesforce Developer Certification. Salesforce Admin Certification is the first certification to take to seek a career in SFDC. Commonly Salesforce Admin Training costs about $200 and relatively Salesforce Developer Training cost is the same as the price of Salesforce Admin which covers Visual Force, Apex, Sandbox, Migration, etc. Whatever may be the role you perform in salesforce according to your skill and expertise achieving your goal starts with getting Salesforce certified.

Salesforce Admin Certification:

Salesforce Certifications are industry recognized qualifications that substantiate to employers or clients that you outdo in a particular field of Salesforce. As a Salesforce Administrator you need to be an expert at the foundation level, this includes Administrator 201 followed by Advanced Administrator 211. If you clear these levels you have the opportunity to be a Functional Consultant and you can further take Sales Cloud Certification and Service Cloud Certification. Salesforce Admin Certification path starts from learning how to manage users, data and security, maintaining and customizing Sales Cloud and Service Cloud Applications and Building reports, dashboards and workflows. After getting experienced as a Salesforce Administrator one can take the Salesforce Admin Certification exam. Then can move to Advanced Administrator which is an advanced level to Administrator Certification, to pass this exam one should understand the concepts like leveraging, optimizing and extending Sales Cloud and Service Cloud applications and designing advanced reports, dashboards, and business process automation.

Salesforce Developer Certification:

To get certified as Salesforce Developer one should clear the developer tracks namely Platform Developer I and Platform Developer II. The Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I should be able to build custom declarative and programmatic applications on the Force.com platform. The concepts for Salesforce Developer Certification includes designing the data model, UI and business logic, and security for custom applications, also customizing applications for mobile use, designing reports and dashboards and deploying them in real-time.To gain more knowledge it is necessary to be self-guided and be flair on Trailhead platform. After learning these concepts one should be able to build a Visualforce Application and work with Apex classes. If you are adept in building the applications in Apex Classes it’s easy to excel in Salesforce Platform Developer I Certification.Platform Developer II is an advanced level of Platform Developer I and should advance in programmatic capabilities of the Force.com platform. And versed in designing, developing, testing, and deploying programmatic solutions that are maintainable and re-usable. By following Apex design patterns and Object Oriented Programming best practices one may able to design a better application. Integrating with Soap API, Rest API and Lightning UI. After getting expertise in these concepts you may able to get Salesforce Platform Developer II Certification.

Bangalore being an IT hub there are lot of opportunities for Salesforce Developer. In order to be a Salesforce Developer getting trained on Salesforce is mandatory, it will also help you prepare for Salesforce Certification. Even if we don’t clear the certification exam Salesforce provides three opportunities, so that you can enroll for the certification exam again. Salesforce is a platform which gives space for everyone to learn and excel.Now for your next attempt the certification exam costs about $100. And if you have failed in all the three attempts you would have to wait for one year to appear for the next exam, then after that one year the certification exam costs $200, similarly it follows.The Salesforce Developer Salary on an average would be 4.9 LPA.

August 12, 2019

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