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What is Salesforce? Why should you go for salesforce certification training?

What is salesforce?

Salesforce is a cloud platform that provides software as a service. It makes Customer Relationship Management easier by connecting to your customers. Salesforce is a great CRM for entrepreneurs where you can gain access to latest technologies and get expertise in it.
Salesforce collects all the data from the customer end point and organizes them into a simple user interface. The data here is well secured and can be accessible from any device. Salesforce provides a wide variety of features and one of them is Collaboration, it allows to manage your sales process, connect with people, allows to create group and discuss about topics. Collective involvement is assured in this salesforce environment. Also we can set certain deals as goals, focus on them and achieve them, salesforce platform is also called as customer success platform designed specifically to connect with our customers. The CRM allows us to manage metrics of the application, communicate via email, phone and even over social media.
Salesforce organizes the customer data into objects and records. Objects are nothing but a table in a database and records are considered as the rows of the object. The accessibility to these objects and records is maintained by the administrator, he decides on who has the ability to create, view, edit and delete the data.
Salesforce provides different set of cloud services that assists in transforming one’s business with ease and progress. These are the cloud services offered by Salesforce CRM;
• Marketing Cloud
• Analytics Cloud
• Sales Cloud
• Service Cloud
• Community Cloud



Why should you go for salesforce certification training?

Learning about this most useful CRM platform which has a great demand in this IT world is necessary. There is a lot of strategies and tactics involved in this marketing field where customer interaction is mapped to build a relationship with a particular brand. So lot of MNCs prefer Salesforce to support their next leap of growth and for that they are hiring talents who are Salesforce certified professionals.
And there is also a fact stated by Salesforce that 75% of consumers expect companies to use technologies to create better experiences, to understand their needs and expectations. From this we can say that there is always a quest for a better technology, Salesforce platform is definitely one of it. This Salesforce Admin Certification and Salesforce Developer Certification prove that they are well trained Salesforce Developers.It is an interesting technology to learn.
There are no limitations to learn Salesforce, anyone with any academic background can learn it, programmers from any background can easily move to Salesforce programming, the only thing is one need to have interest in learning it. Bangalore is an IT hub of India, there are a lot of opportunities for Salesforce aspirants in there, and we can get trained in Salesforce in Bangalore and get job opportunities from all over the world. Even people can work independently after getting trained, can also work from home and earn profit, but that requires a lot of effort, hardwork and experience.

August 12, 2019